Bodhi Sarango  has 20 years experience in western therapy,  neuroscience,  oriental medicine and  ancient wisdom. He traveled for 17 years in Asia (China, India, Thailand and Bali) to collect diamonds of wisdom and techniques from vast areas, inspired mostly by wisdom of Indian master Osho.

With trainings in Osho IMR Pune India, Afroz Greece, Miasto Italy, Humaniversity Holland and after experiencing dedicated programs in London with Michael Neal, Paul McKenna in Anthony Robins, Bodhi has few NLP and Coaching qualifications and expertise in Karmic Timeline Therapy, Stress Management, Somatic Intelligence, Active Meditations. Hypnotherapy and Genius Mind, Healing Relationships and Zen Coaching.

He understands deeply western approach and modern mind: before starting his journey he completed a Master Degree in Computer Science and few other qualifications in Management with experience of 12 years as senior IT manager in multinational corporations in western and eastern Europe.

His passion and focus is on Human Potential and how to integrate essence of therapy, hypnosis, coaching and meditation in practical reality. Developer of  new techniques for trauma release, emotional freedom and healing his continuous focus to fusion methods and help fast, integrated and balanced growth.

Thousands of people have transformed deeply their lifes after taking Bodhi’s sessions and events: they moved away from depression, left smoking, alcohol, drugs, changed their stile of life, meditating and living life full of love and joy.
He is a founder of a new system called “Path of Deep Harmony”, a blend of eastern wisdom and western methods.

Bodhi has been sharing his work with sessions, retreats and supporting projects and festivals worldwide in: UK, China (Hong Kong), Brasil, Italy, India, Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, UAE.

Bodhi Sarango presence and style of sharing is clear, deep, friendly and often humorous.

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