Rising in Love – Soulmate Tantra

Module II  – 10 weeks

Practical Methods to Heal, Harmonize and Master Relationships

Week1. Art of Blissful Relationships.

  • Integration Maps
  • Self Love
  • Relationship Love
  • Creative Love
  • Divine Unconditional Love
  • Couple Methods and difference between individual and couple techniques

Week2. Somatic individual and Couples trauma healing in depth and understanding vicious circles

  • Tantric Breathing for individuals and couples
  • Inner Integration – Tantric Pilar
  • Relationships mirroring
  • Relationship as opportunity of individual self transformation
  • Be a witness not a judge
  • Devices to transcend illusions and be real
  • Life is a mystery, not a problem

Week3. Creation of new Foundational roots of healthy blissful relationship

  • Path of Tao / Tantra – Yin-Yang in life
  • Understanding of complementing and universal paradox
  • Integration between Sex, Love si Awareness
  • Inner Integration – Tantric Pilar
  • Tantra’s secrets of love and liberation
  • The search for the rhythm of the opposites

Week4. The 5 layers of Psychosexual development / 5 stages of sensual awakening.

  • Rediscovery of sensuality, vitality and connection
  • Man support for Woman
  • Feminine support for Man
  • Various stages of feminine / masculine orgasm
  • Multi-orgasmic feminine / masculine connection
  • Tantra: an acceptance of the peaks and the valleys

Week5. Methods and energetical recovery for man/woman (nutrition, breathing and exercises).

  • Polarity and specific individual and gender approaches
  • Conscious touch and Playfulness
  • Refinement of connection
  • The importance of touch and playfulness, methods of touch for optimum lovemaking

Week6. Stages of relating. Bringing a spiritual understanding to sex, love and relating.

  • Dependency – 99% from people
  • Independence – (creative tendency) 0.9%
  • Interdependence – rare Soul Mates but possible to build the Divine Love
  • The spirituality of the tantric sex act. “Cosmic orgasm” through Tantra

Week7. Integration Roots Wings

  •  Freedom Love interdependence
  • Authentic Love and Loving Awareness
  • Tantric Pulsations
  • Integrating love, vitality and awareness
  • Fulfillment through becoming centered

Week8. Individuality and typology in relationships

  • Incompatibility in relationships (sexual, emotional, mental, karmically)
  • Complementary Perspective
  • Be true to love
  • Freedom is a higher Value

Week 9. Important details to integrate in New Style

  •  Compassion, Laughter, Romance, Let Go, Playfulness,
  • Rejoicing individual development in Arts and Creativity
  • Celebration of Life in small events
  • Mutual respecting of aloneness
  • Freedom space and Flexibility
  • True friendship and partnership

Week10. Flowering on inner masculine and inner feminine

  • Keeping aliveness and vitality of polarity
  • Celebration in tantra-grace and beyond techniques
  • True Love makes no shadow
  • Toward the authentic being
  • Watching from the hills
  • Celebrating Divine Love
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