Trasformational Coaching

with International Coach Bodhi Sarango

“The Flow : Transforming yourself – Transforming your life – Transforming your business

( 2011 Events: 29-31 July – Vilinius, Lithuania ; 9-11 September – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

– The wise way of success: Balancing IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
– Discover and learn how to use your true Potential, your true Creativity
– Effortless effort – Relaxation is a key point
– Your energy and relation to Company energy and Team
– From Pyramidal Business to Harmonic Circle Business
– Respecting the circles of the micro and macrocosmos : individual reality and corporate reality
– Success based on strong Foundations
– Facing the crisis and post crisis challenges : flexibility to adapt and act to new Age of Business
– Meritocracy – True Inspirational Leadership
– Intuitive buildup – Problem solving skills
– The Genius frequency and Visionary perspective
– How to keep up in tune with the costumer and society transformation
– Mindfulness – the benefit of being in the Present