MSIS – “Mindfulness Systematic Innovation System”11781647_10204908492981042_3097792319043176877_n

A great boosting to help companies to reach Pick Performance :

  • Genius Mind : core understanding and the Genius frequency, Visionary perspective
  • New tendencies,  Conscious Capitalism and implications
  • 7 Dimensions of Company Evolution : Secure Foundations, Emerging New Markets, Conscious Leadership, Team Spirit, Systematic Innovation, Creative Training, Embracing Integrity
  • From pyramidal business to Organic Growth an WIN-WIN paradox
  • How to: Methods, Obstacles, Measurements V2MOM and Synthesis, Wise Planing
  • Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, fast NLP, Hypnotherapy and TRE
  • Quality vs quantity: Karmic Management,  Meritocracy and Leadership of Wisdom
  • Zen Coaching: Creative Awareness, Mindfulness, Image Streaming,  Socratic method, Genius Factor
  • Team Spirit, Uniqueness of each Individual, Influencing society by your example
  • Picks and Valleys of Life: Celebration and Gratefulness
  • Post-workshops follow up : Individual programs for gradual growth, support and development

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