GOIS – “Genius Organic Innovation System”11781647_10204908492981042_3097792319043176877_n

Bodhi Sarango new approach to help companies to reach Pick Performance and  Evolve well Balanced:

  • Understanding your past and Actual Realities
  • New tendencies,  conscious capitalism, sustenability and implications
  • 7 dimensions of company evolution : secure foundations, exploring new markets, conscious Leadership, Sistematic Constelations, Genius and Innovation, Integration Training
  • From pyramidal business to organic growth an WIN-WIN paradox
  • How to: methods, obstacles, measurements V2MOM and synthesis
  • IQ, EQ and Somatic Intelligence, Karmic Management
  • Quality vs quantity:  meritocracy
  • Coaching: Creative Awareness, Mindfulness, Image Streaming,  Socratic method, Talents integration
  • Team Spirit – Uniqueness of each Individual, Sistematic Constelations
  • Follow up : Individual programs for gradual growth and support

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