Opportunity to become an Organizer

Intensive Trainings with Bodhi Sarango

1. If you are a Centre (Welness, Yoga, Dance, Spa Club) and you have a room where the seminars can happen

2. If you are a specialized company in promoting and organizing such Events

3. If you are a friend or fan of Bodhi Sarango and want intensely to:

– Heal yourself, Experience and Learn latest methods in Psychotherapy, Healing, Active Meditations, Dance Therapy and Music Therapy, Transpersonal systems, great techniques from Zen, Tantra, Sufi, Shamanism, Tibet etc and finally introduction in a Mastery of Leading a Seminar.

– Learn how all this becomes a System of Harmony that helps first go deeper into yourself and after: how you can also make somebody aware of his unique potential and his indestructible being.

– Explore your own capacity of being an Organizer or a Trainer or finding your own talent, discovering your unique potential during the seminar.

– Experience something great as value of seminar also get some additional income

20 to  30% from net profit of the events

Main Costs of the events are :

1. Return flight ticket for the trainer
2. Hotel room – minimum 4-5 days or providing your own good accommodation for the trainer
3. Vegetarian meal (ovo-lacto included) during the seminar for the trainer

Possible other costs:
– Promotion
– mats, covers, pillows , simple A4 paper and colours (if not provided by the centre).
– water, some fruits etc

For renting a Room for Events look for :
– capacity has to be for at least 12- 15 people (30 minimum for specialized company)
– good sound system is very important also and has to be provided by the room owner.

– To organize an event we need at least 12-15 people for event to happen

– Organizer gets 1 event for free for 1 Person.

– Set-up First Seminar price:  for 3 weekend days (Friday after 17:30, and full Sunday, Saturday) depends on the country and average price of such seminar in the area. For INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS or 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 days Workshops price please contact us.

– we need to plan 1 month at least in advance to have time to advertise and promote

– 1-2 days before seminar if there is a need we can plan a introductory Demo session.

– We can have 4 hours – Mini events besides main Seminar event

After this introductory Seminar we will decide for next Upgrade Modules and Intensive Trainings to continue and support participants development and growth.

If you are in tune this opportunity and to discuss other details please contact Bodhi at :



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