Rapid Shift Process (RSP)

Module I –  Essence of Quantum Healing and Somatic Integration – 10 Weeks 

  • Rapid Shift Process (RSP) – tailored breakthroughs into multidimensional layers of armoring,  releasing quantum tensions from Body Mind system
  • RSP reduce and clear traumas,  deeply imprinted primal and societal conditioning
  • RSP enables you to feel the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being,
    while expanding your capacity to support and contain the free flow of life-force energy and multidimensional awareness

Week1. Overview 

  • Physical – the body trauma maps, meridians, EQ, IQ and SQ
  • Fusion methods for healing and realigning the 7 energetic centers
  • Quantum realms- beyond mental understanding, dissolving programs and layers of conditionings
  • Emotional traps – shifting from 10 layers of fears into healing, stabilization, joy, realistic approach and spontaneity
  • Genetic individuality and massive role of Epigenetics
  • Karma – from Social programing to importance of exploring past life’s glimpses, understanding moods, exploring multiple timelines,  regression and progression – focus on collapsing into now
  • 3 type of dreams –  daily life cleansing, lower and higher astral, clairvoyant visions layer
  • Lower and Higher Astral traps on Planet Earth and Reincarnation Circles
  • Cosmic freedom – outer and inner travel – local mind, international mind, cosmic super mind
  • The Source vibration  – Manifesting Creation

Week2. Physical therapy

  • Trauma maps and Meridians, EQ, IQ and SQ
  • Quantum Healing inner child and loving yourself
  • Difference between self-love and narcissism
  • Understand survival & body intelligence
  • Disconnection between Vitality and Innocence
  • Osho Active Meditations – multidimensional and typology modalities
  • Specifics of Bio Dynamic Breathwork, Yogic Breathworks, Tumo – Wim Hof modality, Oceanic and Galactic Breath
  • Preso-puncture and deferent massage modalities, grand importance of fascia and lymphatic system
  • TRE Modalities – Unlock and release the tension patterns held in the nervous/muscular systems and Fascia
  • Beyond “fight or flight”
  • Beyond “frozen & dissociated”
  • What is and how to deal with Addictions
  • Auto-sabotage complexities : 1. body-soul, 2. man-woman, 3. sky-roots, 4. logical-intuitive 5. eagle-serpent
  • Therapeutic use of sound, music, dance and conscious movement
  • Experience the art of moving deeply into the body, and holding space for themselves and others in trauma release with skill and sensitivity
  • Mixing Ecstatic Dances and  Partners Dances-  Freedom of expression with budling Harmony
  • Anatomy & physiology of therapeutic conscious movement – tailored to the male / female body & hormones
  • From 10 layers of fears to positive creative, stabilization and spontaneity

Week3. Energy body

  • Osho Active Meditations – gradual integration
  • Inner Organs connection to 5 Elements – Water, Air, Fire, Metal and Wood
  • Tao Qigong  Life Force –  grounding and presence
  • Yogic Upper canal and Down canal
  • Integrating Martial Arts Samurai techniques – intensity with relaxation
  • Essence of Unwinding and Myofascial Modalities
  • Intuitive nutrition – a revolutionary approach to your food relationship
  • Latest Biohacking – Support from organic supplements and key vitamins

Week4. Mental Programing and Quantum Shift

  • Understanding and dissolving and clear  deeply imprinted primal and societal conditioning
  • Unconscious layers and Supraconscious layers – The Map
  • Maslow Pyramid
  • Essence of NLP – transformation of Mind-Heart-Body patterns
  • Astral travel traps
  • Shift into Quantum Hypnotherapy
  • Importance of Regressions and Progressions
  • Remote viewing
  • From 10 layers of fears  into positive creative, stabilization and spontaneity

Week5. Beyond Karma

  • Reincarnation Circles and Laboratory for Evolution
  • Meeting of Karmic and Genetic layers
  • Beyond Psycodelics and drugs – beyond 2D modalities – integration of people that feel lost
  • Guiding into breathwork – transcending transpersonal
  • Somatic Shatamy Meditation and Holotroipic integration
  • Understanding and dissolving moods
  • Primal Painting Devices
  • Art therapies and spontaneity
  • Osho Zen Tarot device

Week6. Healing Relationships

  • Understanding connection between Trauma & Psychotherapy, Wellness, Relationships, Creativity, Spirituality
  • How old teachings deeply mired in patriarchal, religious, colonial mentalities traps and all political ideologies traps miss the Complex beauty of what it is to be a human being
  • Importance of Divine Polarities. Techniques to heal, explore and reconnect
  • Danger of modern “woke” gender narrative,  “masculine women” and “feminine men” – playing on the deeply conditioned collective fears
  • From 10 layers of fears  to positive creative  emotions, stabilization and spontaneity
  • Beyond attachment, trauma and the complex reality of what it is to be new Holistic Human

Week7. Soul Mates vibration

  • Tantra methods for Sacred Unión between the Masculine / Feminine
  • Tao modalities – developing authentic conscious Relationships
  • Becoming Divine Keepers of our original blueprint – the core of our humanity
  • Sensual Vitality and Aliveness. Innocent. Embodied
  • Meeting of Roots and Wings
  • Synthesis of material and spiritual
  • Belonging to this earth and sky and to ourselves
  • From attached pseudo love into authentic love –  integrating space and  freedom in relationships

Week8. Discovering Genius – deep Creative 

  • Objective and Subjective arts
  • Meditations first – Creativity second
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Flowing between Chaos and Order
  • Discovery, development, integration and flowering of Talents
  • from talents to Genius
  • Zen approach – from complex to simple
  • Opening of  3rd eye – activating pituitary and pineal glands
  • Specific quantum modalities – connecting Crown to the Source
  • Bohemian context – freedom for genius
  • Equal Opportunities and uniqueness of Individual
  • From extremes to Balance
  • Genius Nutrition
  • Multidimensional perspective
  • Genius, Vocation and Destiny
  • Harmonious Power, Vitality and Grace

Week9. Universal explorations 

  • Deeply Knowing – the rising sun – universal laws vs human laws
  • Akashic Record – Universal Super Mind
  • Duality of our Universe
  • Multiverse and Multiple Timelines
  • Simulation Hologram – Evolution Laboratory
  • Universal Circles –  the code 12068
  • Solar System circles –  11 years, 88 years, 6000 years, 12000 years
  • Beyond narratives: Exploring true Ancient origins of Planet Earth : Anunas, Atlantis,  ancient Egypt, India, Peru
  • Yugas and end of the eras
  • Creating and  Integrating now 5D Earth or Future Golden Age
  • Modalities : Mirroring and Self-inquiry
  • From Solon (Egypt priest) – Pythagoras Cosmology- Socratic Dialogues and explaining evasive Plato style
  • Toth Emerald tablets 38 000 years – Iraq ancient relics – Enuma Elish – Atrohasis library – Alexandria Library / Turkey Van Lake area Noa Armenian surprise- Gnostic Scrools – Vatican underground –  Roman hijacking of Christianity – politics religious game of war machine to divide and rule
  • Creation of Races on planet Earth,  post flood spread , Sanskrit roots in European languages – 70 % in Lithuanian etc  from India to Iran Persia to Europe , Manu and Noa
  • From Superman to New Man to Holistic Man
  • Awareness Intensive – Zen Koans
  • Individual and Couple Mirroring : The inner Microcosm mirroring the outer Macrocosm
  • Mistery of Un-Knowing
  • Multidimensional Abundance
  • Zorba the Buddha – integrating the material and the spiritual in New Era
  • Ecstatic, Still, Blissful and Integrated

Week10. The Source – the Void – Fabric of creation of  Universes 

  • Beyond Astral travel
  • Outer and Inner cosmos
  • Cosmic Love and Genuine Compassion
  • Let Go and  Divine instrument
  • Beyond serious: return to playfulness and authentic laughter, beyond sarcasm
  • Beyond happiness and sadness – Bliss stability
  • Divine Comedy and Paradox of life

This Module is an invitation to escape from bondage and experience true freedom, rise from the darkness of ignorance, step into your authentic self and take responsibility for your own life.

You will transmute blockages and traumas and heal deep emotional wounds through a fusion and synthesis of new unique style exquisite unique practices

You will experience a revolutionary approach on meditation, archetypal healing, dance therapy, earth practices, quantum hypnosis, art therapy, alchemical breathing, sound therapy so that you will effortlessly be living a life of pure abundance by being in the universal flow and following the path of least resistance, the one that your soul has planned for this lifetime.

Get ready for a rebirth of a new you towards a blissful life !


  • Structuring series of sessions to fit specific individual needs
  • Cultivating the respect for inner space and group harmony
  • Client/Practitioner code of ethics to be explained
  • Session contraindications to be explained

Contact Info & Bookings:

  • WAP +62 87895099258
  • bodhi.sarango@gmail.com


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