Integrated Program of Online Holistic Sessions

Online Sessions of 60 min / 90 min / 120 min /

Special price for Master Program – New Life in 10 Weeks

Treat yourself with this Diamond synthesis of modern Neuroscience & western Therapy with oriental Medicine & ancient Wisdom.

Each session is a condensed qualitative jump to your next level.

We will explore :

✔️Timeline Trauma Release System and Cellular Healing

✔️IQ – EQ – Somatic Intelligence Balance and Stress Management

✔️ Hypnotherapy, Bardo Regressions and Future Progressions to heal your Unconscious. Activating deeper understanding and integrating your Karmic lessons.

✔️ Healing Relationships using Secrets from Tao and Tantra wisdom

✔️ ZEN Creative Coaching –  developing your Genius

✔️ Awareness Medicine and Nutrition for balanced body mind

WHAT MAKES MY APPROACH UNIQUE: I treat every participant as a whole, holistically focusing on all areas: the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, genetic and karmic layers; digging to the root of the problem – the reasons for it; the traumas; blockages; illnesses; examining the unconscious, conscious and super-conscious layers of the human psyche.

My approach respects the typology and uniqueness of each individual and the methods represent a fusion and synthesis of modern therapy and neuroscience. oriental medicine and  ancient wisdom

You will feel a deep change, new insights and new vibration after the first session but to receive the greatest benefit, this holistic approach requires 5 build-up sessions. These sessions create a strong and effective foundation, designed to quickly uncover the main problem areas, deeply heal traumas, overcome blockages and create a loving vibe inside and all around you. From there, you can make great breakthroughs to higher awareness needed to activate and realize one’s full potential. Your body, mind and awareness will evolve by this approach well integrated and balanced.

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Online Sessions of 60 min / 90 min / 120 min /
Special price for Program of 10 Sessions
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