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Bodhi Sarango offers an integrated system of Individual Sessions that can transform your Life rapidly. Your body, mind and awareness will evolve by this approach well integrated and balanced.

  • Karmic Healing and activation of energetic meridians
  • Regression and Hypnosis – exploring 5 layers of unconscious
  • Trauma Healing TRE and Cellular Reset
  • Healing Relationships – Integrated Love, Sacred Sexuality and Awareness
  • Zen Coaching – Opening of Human Potential, Creative Boosting, Karmic Talents and Vocation

WHAT MAKES MY APPROACH UNIQUE: I treat every participant as a whole, holistically focusing on all areas: the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, genetic and karmic layers; digging to the root of the problem – the reasons for it; the traumas; blockages; illnesses; examining the unconscious, conscious and super-conscious layers of the human psyche.

My approach respects typology and uniqueness of each individual and the methods represent a fusion and synthesis I developed using the most up to date transformation tools, including: Bio Dynamic Breathing, Somatic Movement, Regression and Progression, Trauma Healing, Cellular Reset, Classic Hypnosis, Regressive Hypnosis, Past Live Hypnosis, Pressopuncture, Essence of NLP, Cranio Sacral Massage, Emotional Freedom developments, Osho Active Meditations, Human Potential activation, Awareness and Integration of Man/Woman Polarities, Vocational Integration, among other techniques.

You will feel a deep change, new insights and new vibration after the first session but to receive the greatest benefit, this holistic approach requires 4 to 5 build-up sessions. These sessions create strong and effective foundation, designed to quickly uncover the main problem areas, deeply heal traumas, and overcome blockages and creating a loving vibe inside and all around you. From there, you can make great breakthroughs to higher awareness needed to activate and realize step-by-step one’s full potential. Your body, mind and awareness will evolve by this approach well integrated and balanced.

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Promotional price for first full session (120 minutes). For more information and to book a session write me at: , Skype id: bodhi.sarango

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