The System


Bodhi Sarango is a founder of a new body-mind-spirit system  “Art of Transformation“- a blend of eastern wisdom and Human Potential western therapy.

Art of Transformation” modules :

  • Stress Management  – Emotional Intelligence Essentials
  • Bio Dynamic somatic movement, Breathwork, Presopuncture and TRE 
  • Hypnotherapy and Shatamy Regression – processing unconscious layers of Human psyche
  • Cellular Healing and Essential NLP – transformation of Body patterns and Mind patterns
  • Osho Active Meditations
  • Relationships Healing : Man/Woman polarities, Tantra and Tao wisdom
  • Zen Coaching – Creative Awareness and Mindfulness  – developing super-conscious layers of Human psyche, Life Coaching Synthesis: 7 dimensions of Human Potential
  • Vocational Body-Mind-Spirit Integration
  • Post-workshops follow up : Individual programs for gradual growth.  support and development

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