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I highly recommend Bodhi’s work to others

"Over the past couple of years, I’ve participated in few of Bodhi’s workshops. Unlike other groups I’ve attended, here is what I find so powerful and compelling about Bodhi’s group sessions: First, he provides simple and clear explanations of what he is doing and why. Second, his work combines different topics, although each session can be customized to delve deeper into each topic separately. Third, and perhaps most important, his technique provides a synthesis of other techniques, fusing together the best of each into a complete system. Fourth, his techniques are not superficial; rather, they are designed to get to the root of the problem with lasting effects. Fifth, he provides follow-up to each participant, customizing the results of the program to fit individual needs and situations. Sixth, most participants find the sessions produce quick results or breakthroughs, especially in the areas of creativity and self-confidence. For all these reasons and more, I highly recommend Bodhi’s work to others. I personally experienced breakthroughs in both of my sessions. I’m interested in taking more groups as I move to a deeper level with each session. I also think that his sessions are very reasonably priced. Frankly, I don’t think he charges enough given the results! ” Sam – Washington DC, USA – strategist

I was so grateful to everything

" When I attend the Bodhi Seminar something marvellously happened to me. Looks like a lot of spiritual entities living in other levels were around and push me to know a new reality. The moments of silence were so intense. I was so grateful to everything, that I could not stop weep that was very natural. Those experiences remember me as I was cleaning my spiritual, mental and body. I was beginning a new life. I also felt that the presence of Bodhi was enough as a catalytic effect and after that moment I could see longer and longer..." António Pinto, Portugal - Scientist (Engineering)

Why it feels so great to do the real thing ?

"For first time in my life I have felt oneness in all my cells and bones , for first time I was separated in thousands of parts and joined with the Universe and in the same time feeling a state of crying and laughing joined together. Such a bliss ! Very deep was this seminar, it was an great opportunity to observe myself so close, to listen and ask myself, to laugh and cry , to admire and to love myself in the moment I am exploring. It left me with happiness in my heart and joy for life. Thank you Bodhi for your healing presence witch reconnected us with ourselves. I recomend this event from all my heart. I salute the Buddha within you :) " Catalina