Celebrate Master Lover

Module II  – 10 weeks

Heal, Harmonize and Master Relationships

W1. Art of Blissful Relationships. Integration Maps.
Self Love. Relationship Love. Creative Love. Divine Unconditional Love.
Couple Methods and difference between individual and couple techniques.

W2. Somatic individual and Couples trauma healing in depth and understanding vicious circles.
Relationships mirroring and relationship as opportunity of individual self transformation.
Be a witness not a judge. Devices to transcend dreaming. Life is a mystery, not a problem.

W3. Creation of new Foundational roots of healthy blissful relationship.
Path of Tao / Tantra – Yin-Yang in life.
Understanding of complementing and universal paradox.
Integration between Sex, Love si Awareness. Inner Integration – Tantric Pilar.
Tantra’s secrets of love and liberation. The search for the rhythm of the opposites.

W4. The 5 layers of Psychosexual development / 5 stages of sensual awakening.
Rediscovery of sensuality, vitality and connection.
Man support for Woman. Feminine support for Man.
Various stages of feminine / masculine orgasm.
Multi-orgasmic feminine / masculine connection.
Tantra: an acceptance of the peaks and the valleys.

W5. Methods and energetical recovery for man/woman (nutrition, breathing and exercises).
Polarity and specific individual and gender approaches.
Conscious touch and Playfulness. Refinement of connection.
The importance of touch and playfulness, methods of touch for optimum lovemaking.

W6. Stages of relating. Bringing a spiritual understanding to sex, love and relating.
Dependency – 99% from people,  Independence – (creative tendency) 0.9% , Interdependence – rare Soul Mates but possible – Divine Love.
The spirituality of the tantric sex act. “Cosmic orgasm” through Tantra.

W7. Integration Roots Wings – Freedom Love interdependence. Authentic Love and Loving Awareness.
Tantric Pulsations. Integrating love, vitality and awareness. Fulfillment through becoming centered.

W8. Individuality and typology in relationships. Incompatibility in relationships (sexual, emotional,
mental, karmical). Complementary Perspective. Be true to love. Freedom is a higher Value.

W9. Important details to integrate in New Style: Compassion, Laughter, Romance, Let Go, Playfulness, Rejoicing individual development in Arts and Creativity , Celebration of Life in small events,
Mutual respecting of aloneness. Freedom space and Flexibility , true friendship and partnership.

W10. Flowering on inner masculine and inner feminine and keeping aliveness and vitality of polarity.
Celebration in tantra-grace and beyond techniques.
True Love makes no shadow. Toward the authentic being. Watching from the hills.

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