Creativity and Integration

Creativity and Integration with Bodhi Sarangocropped-exp.jpg

Training 3

Deep processes of Human Potential development:

  • Life Coaching Essentials –  growing into 7 Dimensions of Life
  • Effortless Success – 10 keys for happy life
  • EQ/IQ balancing –  Emotional Intelligence – Stress Management
  • Awareness Intensive – Processes with Love and Innovation
  • From ordinary to Genius
  • Quantum leaps: Genius Mind – Super Mind – Cosmic Mind
  •  ODanza Joy of Life – Body-Love-in-Motion System – Dance Awareness
  • Integrating material and spiritual: Money and Meditation
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Karmic Management
  • From pyramidal business to Organic Growth an WIN-WIN paradox
  • Intuitive build-up
  • Problem solving skills
  • Keeping the Genius frequency and attracting Visionary perspective
  • Mindfulness – the benefit of being in the Present
  • Picks and Valleys of Life: Celebration and Gratefulness
  • Claiming your Destiny
  • Mapping your Mission
  • Meritocracy and  Leadership of Wisdom
  • Influencing society transformation by your example
  • Post-workshops follow up : Individual programs for gradual growth.  support and development

Details and Bookings :

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