Unleashing Your Potential

Introductory Training 1

Transforming the Quality of your Life

Intensive Seminar with Bodhi Sarango, International Life Coach


– ODanza Joy of Life – Dance Therapy for Freedom – Body-Love-in-Motion System
– Emotional Freedom – exploring and understanding Emotional Intelligence methods
– Osho Active Meditations
– Karmic Transpersonal Therapy
– Shamanic Healing Process
– Tantra Energy Essentials
– Embarrassing Love and Friendliness – balancing Man / Woman Polarities
– Developing a new way of Healthy and Happy Relating
– Life Coaching Essentials – Personal Coaching Solutions – growing into 7 Dimensions of Life
– Osho Zen Awareness Intensive
– Module Creativity
– Continuous Integration – individual program for Growth, Development and Transformation
– Picks of Life: Celebration and Gratefulness

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