PsychoSomatic Healing

Module I – 10 Weeks 

PsychoSomatic Healing : 8 Layers Regeneration and Holistic Integration  (PSHI8)

  • PSHI8 is designed to breakthrough the many layers of body armoring, and thus releasing 8 layers of tension from your body, mind, nervous and karma system
  • PSHI8 will reduce and clear one’s deeply imprinted primal and societal conditioning
  • PSHI8 enables you to feel the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being,
    while expanding your capacity to support and contain the free flow of life-force energy

W1. PsychoSomatic Healing of  Trauma and 8 Layers Regeneration Overview:

  • Physical perspective – trauma map, meridians, EQ, IQ and SQ
  • Energetic perspective – restoring 7 centers flow
  • Mental perspective – understanding and dissolving Programs and layers of conditionings
  • Karmic perspective – dissolving moods and importance of exploring past life’s
  • Emotional perspective- transition from negative to positive , stabilization and spontaneity
  • Astral perspective- 3 type of dreams, from lower Astral to Freedom from Samsara
  • Cosmical perspective – outer and inner Cosmos, esoteric powers and laws
  • the Source – from awareness to super consciousness to Nirvana

W2. Physical perspective – Somatic Transcendence

  • Trauma maps 
  • Meridians, EQ, IQ and SQ 
  • During the exposure to traumatic events you may lose your connection to feeling and the sense of being grounded. This results in tension, numbness and disconnection from the universal life force energy (Prana or Qi) which, when left unaddressed, may cause onset of disease. Re-establishing this sense of connection to self and inner trust is what makes trauma release possible
  • Setting your inner child free from the bondage of suffering
  • Self-love versus narcissism – the journey back to your heart
  • Somatic Intelligence & Body Sovereignty. Understand shame, hunger & body intelligence
  • Disconnection between Vitality and Innocence 
  • Bio Dynamic Breathwork, Presopuncture and TRE Modalities – Working with breathing techniques, meditation and movement, we begin to unlock and release the tension patterns held in the nervous/muscular systems and fascia
  • Participants are encouraged to discover and complete their own body’s interrupted “fight or flight” responses and to overcome their “frozen & dissociated” states – addictions, which result from traumatic events
  • Experience the art of moving deeply into the body, and holding space for themselves and others in trauma release with skill and sensitivity
  • Anatomy & physiology of Therapeutic conscious movement – tailored to the male / female body & hormones

W3. Energetic perspective – restoring 7 centers flow

  • Back to wholeness through Tao revolutionary practices
  • Qigong Essense – Life Force grounding and presence
  • Inner Organs : harmonizing 5 Elements – Water, Air, Fire, Metal and Wood
  • Martial Arts: Samurai techniques – intensity with relaxation and Osho Active Meditations
  • Wisdom of using Yoga asanas and essence of Myofascial Unwinding (a connective tissue release modality)
  • Essence of Core Tension Release Exercises (CTRE) & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
  • Intuitive nutrition – a revolutionary approach to your food relationship. Organic supplements and vitamins
  • From Chaos to Somatic Restoring the body energy

W4. Mental perspective – understanding and dissolving and clear one’s deeply imprinted primal and societal conditioning 

  • Unconscious and Supraconscious layers – The Map
  • Essential NLP – transformation of Mind-Heart-Body patterns
  • Hypnotherapy  and Timeline Healing – Importance of Regressions and Progressions. New name Remote viewing
  • Shadow work & Somatic intelligence to cultivate profound levels of authenticity 

W5. Karmic perspective – dissolving moods and importance of exploring past life’s

  • Meeting of Karmic and Genetic layers
  • Transcending transpersonal – past lives through Somatic Therapy
  • Introduction to ( non-dual) somatic Meditation. Holotroipic and Shamanic methods. The function of Somatic Intelligence sovereignty 
  • Therapeutic use of sound, music, dance and conscious movement
  • Osho Zen Tarot device

W6.  Emotional perspectiveHealing Relationships and developing authentic conscious Relationships

  • Old teachings deeply mired in patriarchal, religious and colonization mentalities that miss the complex beauty of what it is to be a human being
  • Understand connection between Trauma & Psychotherapy, Deep Wellness, Relationships, Creativity, Spirituality
  • Attachment styles and stereotypes of male=avoidant female=anxious that are covered over as polarity
  • Importance of Divine Polarities. Danger of modern “woke” gender narrative. Dissolve of “masculine women” and “feminine men” playing on the deeply conditioned collective fears
  • Return of Lost Feminine Wisdom and new Evolved Masculinity
  • From negative to positive emotions, stabilization and spontaneity 
  • Beyond attachment, trauma and the complex reality of what it is to be a Holistic Human

W7. Soul Mates – Sacred Unión between the Tao Tantric Masculine / Feminine

  • Divine Keepers of our original blueprint – The core of our humanity 
  • Sensual Vitality and Aliveness. Innocent. Embodied 
  • Belonging to this earth and sky and to ourselves
  • New-Era divine Polarity teachings. Tao and Tantra essentials for Healing Relationships 
  • New realities of Holistic Era : connection and integration – from sex to love to creativity to spirituality

W8. Creative Perspective – Unlocking your Genius and Vocation

  • Objective and Subjective arts: Meditations first – Creativity second
  • Local – limited, Self energy, Universal Energy
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Flowing between Chaos and Order
  • Discovery, development, integration and flowering of Karmic Talents
  • Zen from simple to complex – Vocation and Destiny
  • 3rd eye – opening of pituitary and pineal glands
  • Genius nutrition
  • Multidimensional Arts
  • Ecstatic life, Stillness and Integration
  • Harmonious Power, Vitality and Grace

W9. Universal perspective – Integrating Soul purpose in physical life experience

  • 3 type of dreams, from lower Astral to Freedom from Samsara
  • Resting into being & the deep Self-inquiry 
  • Socratic Dialogues and Pitágoras Cosmology 
  • Finding your highest karmic life potential 
    Deepening into being : The heart, the anchor & sacred pause
  • Awareness Intensive – Zen Koans
    Individual and Couple Mirroring
    The inner Microcosm mirroring the outer Macrocosm

W10. The Source perspective – outer and inner Cosmos, esoteric laws

  • Metaphysics of Multidimensional Abundance 
    Zorba the Buddha – integrating the material and the spiritual in New Era
  • Divine wisdom of genuine compassion
  • The Source perspective  – Let Go and  Divine instrument
  • Bliss, Playfulness, Laughter
  • Divine Comedy, Paradox of life and…  Beyond

This Module is an invitation to escape from bondage and experience true freedom, rise from the darkness of ignorance, step into your authentic self and take responsibility for your own life.

You will transmute blockages and traumas and heal deep emotional wounds through a fusion and synthesis of new unique style meditative therapy and exquisite unique practices based on ancient wisdom, oriental medicine, martial arts and shamanic movements.

You will experience a revolutionary approach on meditation, archetypal healing, dance therapy, earth practices, hypnosis, art therapy, alchemical breathing, sound therapy so that you will effortlessly be living a life of pure abundance by being in the universal flow and following the path of least resistance, the one that your soul has planned for this lifetime.

Get ready for a rebirth of a new you towards a blissful life.


  • Structuring series of sessions to fit specific individual needs.
  • Cultivating the inner space. Bioenergetics & grounding exercises.
  • Structures and meditations for expanded self-awareness, well-being and intuition
  • Guided meditations techniques to support integration of  sessions
  • Client/Practitioner code of ethics.
  • Session contraindications.

Contact Info & Bookings:

  • WAP +62 87895099258

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