Darius Radkevicius, Lithuania – Author, Publisher, Business Owner :

” In few words about the seminar I can say: Wisdom, All Practical Experiences and Maximum Results ! As a result I have been in 3 of Bodhi’s Seminars and such beautiful changes happened in my life during this 2 years … I become in love with Bodhi unique stile , intuitive, intense, deep and sometimes funny… such a great combination of the breathing methods, movements , meditations and superb music creates blissful space for many AHA! moments, for understanding Who you Realy are, love and oneness. I felt healed and blissful. I recommend from all my heart this groups and seminars.”

António Pinto, Portugal – Scientist (Engineering) :

” When I attend the Bodhi Seminar something marvellously happened to me. Looks like a lot of spiritual entities living in other levels were around and push me to know a new reality. The moments of silence were so intense. I was so grateful to everything, that I could not stop weep that was very natural. Those experiences remember me as I was cleaning my spiritual, mental and body. I was beginning a new life. I also felt that the presence of Bodhi was enough as a catalytic effect and after that moment I could see longer and longer…”

Alina Ghindon, Romania – Doctor :

“Deeply opening, healing, revealing moments at the Intensive Transformation event in Bucharest . Intense connection in the group, sharing our hearts and souls, our pains and joys, exploring, discovering. Thank you Bodhi for being our cathalyser and guide in our search for the inner SELF. Thank you for opening the door for us. Looking forward to dancing our joy of living again tonight , Namaste  “

On Yeung ,  China – Business Owner:

 ” Bodhi is Great ! The effects in my life after Bodhi Sarango workshop  are  simply amazing. I continue to practice few techniques what he recommended and   I  see more miracles in my life, surprises are happening , my business got better and new ideas come as a flow, my love life is much better too …” 
Simona Ilie , Romania – Reiki Master :

” I do not know from where you come Bodhi , how did you come and why but you are a genius ! I realized this , I myself do not know how I got to this seminar, very strange coincidences, but finally it was like a Miracle ! In this Miracle you have biggest part because you have been intense, total ,  joyful, sometimes very authoritative and critic. But this was the only why it was possible for us to vibrate so quickly on such an level of  deep feeling, experiences and awareness we could never expected. Please come back because now I am addicted to Osho methods specially the why you teach us.  Thank you from bottom of my heart. 

Remigiusz Boguszewicz , Poland – Business Owner :
“The time during the seminar was challenging. I was facing all kind of emotions, situations and relations. The space was there to enter, not to escape. Many levels were touched, but the honesty and readiness of people and Bodhi to simply let things happen, let emotions flow and let problems to appear without the judging was amazing. This is  so rarely done. One follows his body – enjoys it. Looks at the passing memories, thouths, emotions – then wonders – is it me? Touches the core of the beeing – WOW! This stuff should be included in the school just like we learn math and phisics …and this things makes one wonder why it feels so great to do the real thing? Why am I not doing it on a daily basis?” 
Agnieszka Czubak, Poland – Marketing Officer and Aerobic Instructor :
“It was such an amassing seminar from me,  full of  positive approach and same time very very deep.  Bodhi has such an ability  to break down the old patterns that prevent you from being your true self.  I felt so alive, like a completely new world opened up for me in so many dimensions. After the seminar I can see that my life is much more colourful,  I trust more  myself, I love more myself, I really opened now to feelings (anger, sadness, love) but paradoxically I feel more detached as before, with more awareness …and very important for me I’m much more spontaneous, I do more what I really want …Have beautiful groups in the world Bodhi. I would love to come again to your seminars when you will be near.  Lots of Love, Agnieszka
Catalina Susilov, Romania – Director at Humanitysteam.ro :
“For first time in my life I have felt oneness in all my cells and bones ,  for first time I was separated in thousands of parts and joined with the Universe and in the same time feeling a state of crying and laughing joined together. Such a bliss !  Very deep was this seminar, it was an great opportunity to observe myself  so close, to listen and  ask myself, to laugh and cry , to admire and to love myself in the moment I am exploring. It left me with happiness in my heart and joy for life. Thank you Bodhi for your healing presence  witch reconnected us with ourselves.  I recomend this event from all my heart. I salute the Buddha within you 🙂 ” 
Wendy Chu, China (Hong Kong) – School Teacher :
It’s a great pleasure for me to talk about my opinion about Bodhi Sarango workshop because it really made a great impact on me. Specialy it gave me an opportunity to taste and learn how to dance totally the seven chakras. It is new to me. From then on, I always dance in this way or do meditation that focuses on the chakras. I know a way how to release the tension in my body and I can feel the free flowing of energy inside my body now. It really helps me heal my body and soul a lot. Thanks a lot for giving me the chance. Hope to have workshops with Bodhi again. Love, Wendy
Rohit Dhamgaye, India – University Student

“One of the best things I have experienced after connecting with Bodhi and Osho is to get in tune with Existence. Well such experiences cannot be conveyed through words, it only can be felt in a very subtle way. Mystic Rose and advises which he give me from time to time helped in making me more conscious thereby I started making more conscious decisions.  And inner satisfaction and gratitude towards the existence arose when I found myself having more than I could ask for. Love was the most important of the teaching. Without love there is no meaning to life and the silence arising out of it makes the complete New Man – Zorba the Buddha!  : ) Lots of love , Rohit ”