The Genius

“The Genius : Business , Vision and Integration” – Training 6

– From Animal to Genius – Energy quantum leaps
– Genius Mind , Super Mind, Cosmic Mind
– Body Integration
– EQ/IQ balancing -exploring and understanding Emotional Intelligence – major importance of it in science/ business
– Effortless effort – a key point
– Your energy and relation to Company energy and Team
spirit – developing a new way of Healthy and Happy Relating
– From Pyramidal Business to Harmonic Circle Business
– Intuitive buildup – Problem solving skills

– Meritocracy and  Leadership of Wisdom
– The Genius frequency and Visionary perspective
– How to keep up in tune with the costumer and society transformation
– Mindfulness – the benefit of being in the Present
– Zen Awareness Intensive Training
– Personal Coaching Solutions – growing into 7 Dimensions of Life
– Creating the Lasting Change – Continuous Integration – individual program for Growth, Development and Transformation
– Claiming your Destiny – Mapping your Mission
– Genius: Celebrating Life

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