Celebrate and Master Creativity

Module III – 10 Weeks 

Talents, Genius and Vocation – Discovery, Development and Integration

W1. The 7 Perspectives of the New Creative Life:
– Abundance and Vitality – Strong and Flexible Roots
– Refreshing Energy
– Harmonious Power
– Integrated Love
– Individual Genius – Karmic Talents
– Wisdom and Long Term Vision
– Freedom and Ecstatic life

W2. Strong Roots, Somatic Intelligence, beyond poverty,
Multidimensional Abundance – Oxygen Money,
From pyramidal view to organic growth – WIN-WIN paradox,
How to: methods, obstacles, measurements,
Beyond positive / negative into reality.

W3. The 3 layers of energy: Local – limited, Self energy, Universal Energy
Vitality, Health  – Qi Energy, Tao Balance of the Elements

W4. Harmonious Power and Grace, Balancing IQ and EQ, Uniqueness and Typology,
Human Design

W5. Integration, authenticity and Integrated Love
Karmic Management and 5 Hats perspective
Quality vs quantity
Sustainability, Team Spirit

W6. Genius Mind and Creative Vibration
Discovery, development, integration and flowering of Karmic Talents

W7. True Wisdom and Paradoxical Vision: local, real and universal
Zen from simple to complex – Vocation and Destiny. Systematic Constellations.

W8. Paradox 3: Balance between Chaos and Order for creativity,
Brainstorming, 3rd eye – opening of pituitary and pineal glands,
Genius nutrition, Image Streaming, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing,
Socratic dialogue,

W9.  Genius Mind and Super consciousness,  Local and Universal Vision. Short, middle and long term. Mirroring, Para-psychology. Playfulness, Let go, Humor – a must for creative man.

W10.Freedom and Blossoming of Full Potential. Ecstatic life and Integration, Zen Koans and continuous generating of Creative Awareness, Spontaneity and flexibility. Uniqueness of each Individual, Divine Comedy and Paradox of life.  Follow up : Individual programs for gradual growth and support


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