Online Master Sessions of 60+ min

NOTE: My sessions are Open for Anyone, I accept any Reality where you are right now – regardless of your path, spiritual level, your race, nationality or status
  • NOTE: Major 20 % Discount for Master Program of 10 Sessions 
My Sessions approach for anyone that starts or continues to work with me is to focus in FIRST STEP on 4 Areas – 4 Pillars of your life :
1 . Understanding Your Life in General overview :
  • Past and Actual Physical issues and traumas
  • Actual Mental blockages
  • Actual Energetic blockages
  • Actual Genetic-Karmic issues and typology
2. Understanding your Actual Relationships unfulfillment :
  • Actual Emotional heaviness
  • Your Energetic typology
  • What therapies are appropriate for you to Re-fresh and Re-new
  • How to Rise your vibration to Refresh Actual Relationship or to Attract Fulfilled Relationship
3. Your Actual Creative unfulfillment:
  • Understanding your creative blockages
  • Where is hidden your true meaning
  • Your true Talents development
  • Your authentic Genius typology
  • How to move gradually from wrong paths and
  • How to build up a fulfilled integrated Creative Life
4. Considering your Actual Vocation development:
  • Actual Spiritual integration Level and typology
  • Your balance between Spiritual and Material
  • How to realistically Activate Step by Step you Spiritual and Material Vocation
Then in SECOND STEP I move into Hidden Dynamics of your Life :
  • Your Present Moment: Your Actual Soul search – what helps or blocks it, your Conscious Tendencies and your Unconscious tendencies
  • Past influence that lead to actual reality
  • Where to focus in Near Future
  • Your Future Path structure: your Karma, Relationships , the Mental- Emotional dangers
  • Main Key to Focus
And I finish as THIRD STEP with Modalities you need RIGHT NOW:
  • for your typology to start the Refreshment and Renewing of your life
  • Explain to you the Modality RECOMENDED for you right now
  • Teach you properly how to do it
  • Offer you Music and instructions and when to do it
  • Explain you contraindications and where to focus
Info & bookings:
  • WAP +62 87895099258
  • Bodhi Bio –
  • Workshops and QL Academy –
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  • NOTE: Major 20 % Discount for Master Program of 10 Sessions 
  • I treat every participant as a whole, holistically focusing on all areas: the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, genetic and karmic layers; digging to the root of the problem – the reasons for it; the traumas; blockages; illnesses; examining the unconscious, conscious and super-conscious layers of the human psyche
  • My approach respects the harmony, typology and uniqueness of each individual and the methods represent a fusion and synthesis of modern therapy and neuroscience. oriental medicine and  ancient wisdom
  • You will feel a deep change, new insights and new vibration after the first session but to receive the greatest benefit, this holistic approach requires 10 build-up sessions
  • These sessions create a strong and effective foundation, designed to quickly uncover the main problem areas, deeply heal traumas, overcome blockages and create a loving vibe inside and all around you
  • From there, you can make great breakthroughs to higher awareness needed to activate and realize one’s full potential
  • Your body, mind and awareness will evolve by this approach well integrated and balanced

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